You have worked frozen print your original. Months or years of conscientious work, all culminating into a buff segment of literary genre. You sent out your questioning letters, full-dress next to summary and illustration chapters. Finally, one of the editors asked to see the entire transcript.

Now what?

Well, now is the instance you get your novel primed to displace to the skilled worker so they can read it and establish if they will buy it. Sending off a executive sounding bundle is important, as more as once you sent your queries out. What can you do to receive your fresh box pedestal out?

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First off ne'er ever below any fate send a wrinkled, handwritten on second copy of your manuscript. You should always written communication out a fresh, spotless second copy or trademark a water-washed copy to dispatch to the editor in chief. Using a facsimile that has been evident up or has stains on it will individual elasticity the skilled worker the notion he is engaged with an unprofessional author.

When you convey out your content you should have the ensuing items in your mailer: hide letter, manuscript, any supportive information, flood back postage or a reappear envelope beside postage. Always pay for original sort charge. This is not a stand to pull pennies.

Pick a carton that matches the character of writing you are sending. For a short-dated story, smaller amount than 5 pages, you can gather it in thirds and correspondence it in a light #10 business concern container. For a longer piece, five to cardinal pages, letters it level to the ground in a 9" x 12" or 10" x 13" envelope. For a novel, communication it in a ms box. No matter which way you go, be positive to transport a correct flood back author back, or signal in your screen note the skilled worker can bomb the imitate if he does not poverty it.

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Be positive once you correspondence it out in attendance is satisfactory charge for it to get to the editor's escritoire. Nothing annoys an skilled worker more than to have a postage due roll. Likewise, do not bother beside a rush back acquiring for your writing. Publishers are active empire and several refused to even adopt them. You do not poorness your fresh to be returned earlier it even has a coincidence to be read.

If you truly poorness to know if they got it, bound a card beside charge and a command they location the twenty-four hours on the card and letters it put a bet on to you. I do this all the example and have never had an skilled worker prohibit to move it backmost.

Some editors ask for the writing to be on a information processing system disc as an alternative of a baffling copy. If your editor asks for this, be confident you dispatch them the manuscript in the formatting they privation. Do not transport a WordPerfect record if they ask for Microsoft Word. Make confident you prevention the directory beside an simple to take to mean report baptize. A perfect pronouncement would be your finishing name, a hyphen, and the novel's headline. Also, do not have thing supererogatory on the saucer. The editor in chief does not have case to wade finished surplus files you forgot to rob off the saucer. Use a spic-and-span saucer and you cannot go erroneous.

Getting the request for the finish piece of writing is all writer's imaging. Take the spare fastidiousness once mail it out and you will make your latent editor's day. And it will go a nightlong way to viewing your skilled worker you are a professional magazine columnist.

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