As secure I will now unveil the left behind errors tutored by widely held Christianity about the Comforter. Actually in this happening it’s not all their shortcoming as the errors are in the KJV of the Holy Bible: John 14:26; John 15:26 and John 16:7.

Before I kick off we call for to apprehend that John 14:26 is a exclusive excess of what is engrossed in the Greek rendition. In proclaim to describe the clanger in John 14:26 we demand to include the propaedeutic verse, poesy 25, to get the sincere goal or knack of poetry 26 and to backing The Truth that Jesus Christ is the Comforter: John 14:25 "These holding have I oral unto you, human being yet immediate next to you. 26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will convey in my name, he shall school you all things, and distribute all property to your remembrance, whatever I have aforesaid unto you." Notice how in writing style 26 the KJV in fact says the Comforter is the Holy Spirit and if we publication down below it in actuality says no such as thing. Again I have printed the resourceful Greek so we can fully fathom out what was in the beginning written, past men of the Christian Religion tampered with these verses. As up to that time I will author these Holy Scriptures short the poesy numbers

Now we essential tincture our minds on what these men have through to these Scriptures: "These (things) I have talked to you beside you other the yet beside guest (Consoler) The Spirit the Holy which shall be causing the Father in the first name of me that you shall be tutoring all and shall be lower than reminding you all which aforementioned to you I." Nowhere present does it say “The Comforter which is the Holy Ghost” What it does say if we reckon verse 25 is this: “These material possession I have talked to you beside other the yet beside caller (Comforter, Consoler or Advocate)” All the while The Lord Jesus Christ remained next to them in the flesh He was their Comforter Advocate and Consoler. Now here in that should be a glutted decrease and a new chastisement dawn with: “The Holy Spirit which The Father will be sending in my heading will alter you to pirate all and enable you to bear in mind all that I taught you” This is the Holy Spirit Power of God in performance through those the Father has called to His Son.

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It’s pivotal we evoke that Jesus Christ is our Advocate, Consoler or Comforter. In the innovative religious text the epic numbers 25 and 26 would not have existed and in that was no interruption in the Greek expressions of the premiere century as we cognise interruption in English, so let's memo wisely what is occurring here. Jesus Christ is definitely informative His disciples that just as He had remained beside them as a communicator in the flesh, so He would likewise remain in them in the in store through the Power of the Holy Spirit. See John 14:20 "At that day ye shall cognise that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you." Jesus Christ is in them as the Comforter finished the Power of the Holy Spirit. Also line that in John 14:25-26 in the Greek letters within is no quotation to the Holy Spirit someone a 'He'. The declaration 'He' right isn't there, the statement 'He' is accessorial in the English translation and copied from the rude Latin Vulgate - it's a man made distortion and a corrupting lie.

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Another fault revealed from this alleyway of Scripture is this: he shall inculcate you all belongings.” Nowhere in the Greek does it say that, obscurity does it say the Holy Spirit will buccaneer the disciples or the Apostles anything. What it does say is that the Holy Spirit will enable them to buccaneer all; to blackbeard others. What this change of state of Scripture is really divulging is that the Holy Spirit will modify the disciples to sea robber (once they’re Apostles) by bounteous them the power, self-confidence and rule to do so. The Holy Spirit will besides transport to nous the material possession The Lord Jesus Christ had already taught them. This enabled them to fully apprehend the belongings Jesus Christ had schooled them and afterwards to sea rover others. This is something they could not do in say-so and belief until after the trial of Pentecost in Acts 2:3 once the disciples were Born Again, acceptable the grant of the Holy Spirit and became Apostles.

John 15:26 "But once the Comforter is come, whom I will move unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall take the stand of me:" Again from the productive Greek "When-so-ever may be approaching the beside tourist (Consoler) which (another) I shall be causation beside the Father the Spirit of The Truth that beside the Father is out going that shall be witnessing roughly speaking me" There are certainly simply two errors in canto 26 of John 15. The statement 'whom' can and should be scripted 'which' or 'another' or 'the other' or 'that' and this supports John 14 where The Lord says I will direct you 'another' Comforter which I explained in fragment 3. The different error of class is the use of the expression 'he' which we can unmistakably see is not in the Greek article. Notice too how the KJV too emphasises the linguistic unit 'Spirit' without emphasising the linguistic unit 'truth' and you may perhaps say "so what!?" Well this is more epochal than you may well at early realise, because the Greek precisely puts the grammatical construction as "Spirit of The Truth" not Spirit of fact near a slender 't'. When we become conscious that The Truth is none other than Jesus Christ Himself (one of His titles) we consequently cognize that this Spirit is Christ's Spirit, and it is not only a reality but The Truth. This, not so little, clanger is emphatically a Vulgate fumes carried frontal and not dotted by the English translators with their three monster god visual defect. I re-emphasise this important cause down.

OK, this is the second poems on the message of the Comforter: John 16:7 "Nevertheless I bring up to date you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come with unto you; but if I depart, I will convey him unto you." Now this poetry has much errors in it than the last verse, and over again I will let drop those errors done the Greek original, and straight-faced distant we have the very nonachievement regarding the personality of Jesus Christ i.e. The Truth: "But I The Truth (Jesus Christ) am axiom to you it is self politic to ye that I may be from coming if of all time for no I may be from approaching the beside guest (Consoler) not shall be upcoming toward you if of all time yet I may be woman absent I shall be sending the other (another) toward you"

The primary inaccuracy to brave us is the starting phrase “Nevertheless I let somebody know you the justice.” The Greek public presentation says no specified thing, it says “But I, The Truth, am speech communication to you.” As just revealed, The Lord Jesus Christ here is exploitation one of His titles or administrator obloquy - The Truth. This medium The Lord Jesus Christ is The Truth. This change direction of turn of phrase carries far more dominance than: “Nevertheless I convey you the proof.” Any man could arrant this note but solitary one man could say “But I, The Truth, am voice communication to you” I prospect you now see only just how most-valuable the correction of this slip-up is. In turn this bloomer does not have any good posture on the matter at paw but I have in use it as other instance to tell how the agendas of the men of the Christian Religion in earnest false the written record(s) of God’s Holy Word.

Here we can see that the Comforter will be "coming toward them" and 'the other' will be "coming toward them." If we takings this elegy as in recent times referring to the Holy Spirit we miss the information that both Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are coming towards the disciples. They would be receiving some The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ as the Comforter. I will rush back to a abovementioned Scripture and construct it this example in the Greek John 14:18 "Not I shall be deed ye grieving (Comfortless) I am approaching toward ye" This proves that it is Jesus Christ as well as The Holy Spirit that is upcoming towards the disciples and all of us who are nearly to be Born Again. Those who are previously Born Again have Jesus Christ next to them now!!

Back to John 16:7 - The idiom 'autos' which is the Greek phrase that almost all translators write out as 'he' or 'him' for the Holy Spirit really means a 'baffling wind' so how does a problematical entwine change state a 'he' or a 'him'? To ending this sanctum off I will go to John 16:8 And once he is come, he will warn about the international of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: and in the Greek, again, it is remarkably conflicting "And coming that shall be exposing the scheme in the order of missing (sinning) and more or less justice (righteousness) and roughly judging" Two 'he's ' were originally a 'that', how does a 'that' go two 'he's'? Easy, you convey an imaginative lie, and as I aforementioned earlier, you next have to report numerous some other lies to hide the resourceful lie.

This completes my survey on the digit demon god of common 'Christianity' and the speech act that the sure Godhead is a Duality next to the Holy Spirit as the Power of that Dual Godhead. In upcoming articles I will depict how The Real Dual Godhead is Godhead of love, pity and mercy and not a closed multiple deuce-ace god waiting to build-up most of mankind into a impassioned pit, to be tormented for time.

As before, I have not adequate scope in this piece for the monotheistic disagreeable person god so I will operation beside that giant in Part 5 - stay put beside it kinship group.

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