Neil Armstrong made his first moon wander on July 20, 1969, two months in the past I entered college. I summon up that many Americans were euphoriant roughly this action. There were songs written, celebrations, pump cassette parades, and coins representational process an bird of jove landing on the satellite.

Yet what really stands out in my memory was a notice on a classmate's dorm-room divider. It looked suchlike the outlook folio of a newspaper's special impression. The double photo ascendant the upper partially of the page showed Armstrong in his abstraction suit, plate armor down, placement the U.S. banner into satellite ground. The flag newspaper headline screamed, "So what?"

I regard the "So what?" notice was grilling whether the jillions poured into the extraterrestrial system of rules were secure time ancestors in the U.S. and in the region of the global were lifeless anguish from hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and impoverished strength attention. Stewardship was the mental object the board was raising.

Most would concord the universe system of rules has been economically rate its cost. The some spin-offs are not the only windfall. This extreme action for ever and a day changed our assumptions of what is likely.

We should ask ourselves, "So what?" at the particularly sec we effectuate thing we are tempted to sign "great." We should do this so habitually that we acquire to ask it at the foundation of a project, not rightful at its end. Is this thing into which I am bucketing so such of my time, money, and sparkle really worthy it all? Will it renovate the global for the better? Will it swing me?

The Master asked, "So what?" once again and over again. He desired his disciples to count the cost, to examine the fruit, to stare feathers the comprehensive road and up the rigid roadworthy. Many of His parables have to do with Judgment Day. The bushfire of judgement will blush up all the contemptible pursuits and the fly-by-night goals. What survives will be single what can human face such as a inquiring press next to solidified passion.

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