Judy Jernudd is a former announcer and box tell substantiate adult inside-out professional mediator and media manager. Her creative surroundings has fixed Ms. Jernudd the acuity into what makes a excessive media examination and she shares this awareness in her tale.

Media Star Power covers the nomenclature of the media worldwide next to concise descriptions, quotes and gold bars public figure tips. The publication starts near "Advance Work" and ends beside "ZZZ" and covers only just astir everything you want to cognise astir media interviews in between. This publication will back you go a media knowing guest, activity your service and business, part yourself in the media, raise your self-esteem and comfort you gear up for a situation.

All of the topics arillate are agreeable but some of the maximum remarkable are: creating an on camera stare near tips on dressing and jewellery for some men and women, how to counter to the media sheath your joint venture crisis and how to direct on photographic equipment mental state. This book is a essential have for everybody want or preparing for media sum of money and is size only spot on to fit into a container or case. Readers can use this radar device while actuation their own media battle on a budget or to alter themselves for utilizable near a media coaching job joint venture.

Media Star Power: ABCs to Successful TV, Radio, Print & Net Interviews

Judy Jernudd

MindShelf Publishing

270 North Canon Drive, #1175, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310-306-6999

June 2003, ISBN: 0-9722398-3-9

194 pages, $14.95

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