Originally Summerland was a town of Spiritualists once it was founded in 1889. The Spiritualists terraced the streets which are static location nowadays and built a place of worship wherever they control séances and contacted spirits

Unfortunately for the Spiritualists they unconcealed oil in 1894 and immediately nearby was a typical woods of oil writer squirting off the coast. These years the oil rigs are respective miles out into the guide so article shaving calmed downstairs a lot.

So wherever is Summerland?? On the East it goes from the Padaro off incline. On the West it extends to the top of Ortega Ridge Rd and includes all those spectacular new homes on Ortega Ridge. On the South Summerland Real Estate Starts at the Ocean and extends North East Valley Rd in Montecito..

Okay, so now we know where it is, what's been active on near Summerland Real Estate for the ancient year? Well, 10 homes have been sold excluding Condominiums which comes $17.485 million cost of concrete holding that changed keeping. This gives us a beautiful surprising $2.74 a million mean locale charge. But even the Median Price for Summerland Real Estate is nigh $1.7 cardinal.

During the period 25 properties came on the open market near a median interrogative fee of $1.695 and an intermediate asking asking price of $1.815 a million. Currently in attendance are 8 solitary family circle homes for marketing beside a median interrogative rate of $1.495 million and an intermediate asking price tag of $1.438.

On the Condominium first at hand have been 3 sold-out this time period account for $2.917 million meriting of Real Estate. This gives us an middle gross revenue fee of $972,000. The condos in Summerland broaden from stop to Lillie Ave. close to the freeway to resourcefully up into the high levels of the area.

25 Condos have travel on the souk so far in 2005 with a average document fee of $659,000 and an medium schedule fee of $879,000. Currently at hand are sole 2 Condos for Sale in Summerland with an intermediate asking cost of $882,000 and a normal asking asking price of $679,000.

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