My fountain at the Blair House told me a hilarious anecdote the otherwise day. It seems that Karl Rove stepped into the President's sleeping room and stood in facade of the man-length mirror. He said, "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the greatest-"

"It's not in work right!"

Rove attuned and said, "Mr. President! I was righteous combing my tresses."

Euthanasia: A Reference Handbook
Destroyers: An Illustrated History of Their Impact
Handbook of Egyptian Mythology
Public Opinion and Polling around the World: A Historical Encyclopedia a Two Volume set
Science in the Early Twentieth Century: An Encyclopedia
The Home Front Encyclopedia: United States, Britain, and Canada in World Wars I and II
Machine Guns: An Illustrated History of Their Impact
The Romans
3G Evolution HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband
Beer In Health And Disease Prevention
Cryptographic Boolean Functions And Applications
Event-Based Programming: Taking Events to the Limit
Introduction to CDMA Wireless Communications
Partial Differential Equations And Boundary Value Problems With Maple
Wireless Networks: From the Physical Layer to Communication, Computing, Sensing and Control
Elements of Financial Risk Management
Encyclopedia of Social Measurement, Three-Volume Set
Circuits, Signals, and Systems for Bioengineers: A MATLAB-Based Introduction
Computer Vision Technology for Food Quality Evaluation

"You come across to be solid at that, Karl."

Rove said, "Oh, at hand is no privileged refinement needed for comb-"

I intended "Lying!"

Consciousness and Cognition: Fragments of Mind and Brain
Differential Equations with Mathematica
Electricity, Magnetism, and Light
Fluid Mechanics
Fundamentals of Air Pollution
Logic Design for Array-Based Circuits: A Structured Design Methodology
A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing
Microscope Image Processing
Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain
Optoelectronics for Data Communication
Power Quality In Electrical Machines And Power Systems
Secrets To Success In Industry Careers-Essential Skills For Science And Business
Switch-Mode Power Converters: Design and Analysis
Digital Evidence and Computer Crime
Encyclopedia of the Solar System
Fundamentals of Air Pollution
Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas: Molecular Genetics: Liver and Pancreatic Carcinomas V3
Private Real Estate Investment CD-ROM: Data Analysis and Decision Making
Raman Amplification in Fiber Optical Communication Systems

"Okay, I was using your reflector. I wished-for to fashion secure it gave the true answer: George W. Bush is the Greatest Man on the Planet Earth!"

The corporate executive said, "I told you it was not working. It keeps voice communication Dick Cheney is the Sneakiest Man on Earth. It never says who is the most dynamic."

Karl Rove secure the President that he would have the mirror restored by the White House Mirror Maintenance Department.

After the mirror was repaired, the President said,

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,

Who is the highest man of all?"

The mirror answered as follows:

"Mr. President, I've info for thou.

The Greatest of all is President HU Jintao."

The corporate executive went to the Oval Office and sat in his seat. "Hu Jintao?" he aforementioned aloud as Karl Rove came in the room.

"Yes, but produce positive you sound out it true once you collect him."

"Oh! Hi, Karl! Meet who?"

"Hu Jintao! Do you lifeless want to go to Mongolia on your trip? It's large-hearted of out of the way."

"Yes! The reflector says that Hu Jintao is the supreme regent man on dust. I've got to group him."

Karl Rove cask his principal and said, "George, I'm causing the CIA to update you on China this daytime." Rove port the bureau.

The President sat rearmost in his chair and said, "I admiration why he's doing that? I get bad promotion from treatment next to those guys at the CIA." He beeped his top dog and said, "Cancel my assemblage near the CIA. I'll be doing laps at that occurrence."

The End

copyright©John T. Jones, Ph.D.2005

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