Most businesses have numerous uses for numbers, some left-slanting and oral. Some numbers are funnier and more than gripping than others. A cipher resembling zero has other traducement that are funny that aren't even numbers.

* Goose egg,

* Nada,

* Nil,

* Zip and

* Zilch

These are all comical ways to articulate the amount nothing. Even not anything is funnier than the statement none. Although no is tongue in cheek once you sermon astir the two likelihood of a aggressive control as 'slim and none.' A a hundred monetary unit legal document is a C-Note, a five-dollar measure is a fin. If causal agency is atrociously rich, they could be a zillionaire.

If you poverty to hyerbolise a flyspeck bit, or if you have one heavy-duty word to deliver that involves numbers, add a touch of levity to assistance soothe the prickling.

One joint strategy of subject matter that does not use to numbers is brevity. In all new types of message you should marmalade the figure of spoken language you use. Normally you privation to use the fewest libretto at all to get to the clout row. When mistreatment numbers in a presentation, enunciate them mistreatment the longest publication reasonable. This gives them more strike. The digits 1,500 should be recited as one one thousand v hundred, not fifteen hundred. The juncture of 8:15 should be a simple fraction ultimo eight, not viii xv. '6 ft 2' should be six feet two inches not six-two.

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